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A professional Los Angeles recording studio with an open tracking space and a killer vibe. The music studio features a vintage SSL 8064 G+ console alongside a plethora of the world’s best outboard, microphones, and instruments. Our LA Fashion District location is near the 10 freeway and is easily accessible from Hollywood, Burbank, and Santa Monica.

Experience the sound and energy of an extravagant creative space where musicians can separate themselves from the world and create music.

Affordable pricing and recording packages for Independent Artists available.

Devin Bronson

“Matt Salazar is a mad scientist of killer tone! His attention to detail always makes for something really special in your finished track.”

Devin Bronson
Robin Diaz

“Matt Salazar is one of those musical anomalies who brings something fresh, new and special to a project without being threatening or overbearing… everybody in the session gets along Matt. If there were more producers like him in this business, it would be a happier place!”

Robin Diaz
Drew Taubenfeld

“I’ve recorded many projects with Matt Salazar, and every time I’ve really felt he’s done an outstanding job. I’m confident when I go back that the final product will be a record that sounds top notch”

Drew Taubenfeld
Xander Gregory (Civic In The Sun)

“These dudes are the bee’s knees… If you’re looking for a place that’ll take your sound from the garage to absolute profession, you’ve found it. Invest and you won’t have to look back.”

Xander G.
Bruce Karlsson

“The studio at In Flight Music Group has a vibe that makes it so easy to get to work and be at your best. Not to mention there’s pretty much every piece of gear or instrument you can think of to get creative with!”

Bruce Karlsson
Wendy Starland

“Working with Matt Salazar is always such a pleasure because he is proficient in so many areas. His warm personality makes the most difficult projects seem like a breeze.”

Wendy Starland
Jimmy Sweet

“I think we found our new soul savior. Working with Matt Salazar is a real pleasure. He’s got ‘Ears For Fears’. We are definitely doing our next project with him xxxx”

Jimmy Sweet
Aaron Perilo (Civic In The Sun)

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with these guys. The amount of quality gear they have to choose from is very impressive. Matt is a veteran of mixing and finds the tone that gives the track what it needs. Good guys to work with.”

Aaron P.
Phillip (Solid State Logic)

“Awesome people, GREAT gear and in a cool location, this is a killer studio!”

Phillip S.
Ian Alexander

“…working in the studio with Matt Salazar and it did not feel like work at all. It’s no secret that there are a plethora of studios and producers that musicians can go to, especially in LA, but it’s his professional attitude and vision that sets Matt from the pack.”

Ian Alexander


The recording studio features a beautifully restored Solid State Logic 8064 G+ with past hits from Michael Jackson to Dr. Dre. Monitoring is provided by cutting-edge Dynaudio M3XE Mains, and recording equipment includes an incredibly large selection of modern, boutique, and vintage outboard gear and microphones. The digital facilities include an Avid HDX system with 64 channels of I/O from Avid HDIO Analog interfaces. We keep current versions of Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and Cubase ready for your use. Of course, if you would like to run your sessions from your laptop, that’s ok too!

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