The Best In Vintage & Boutique Recording Equipment and Instruments


The Best In Vintage & Boutique Recording Equipment and Instruments



Solid State Logic 8064G+
(Ultimation – Total Recall – 242 EQ)


Avid HDX
Antelope Orion 32 (x2)
Antelope Pure 2 Mastering AD/DA + Clock


Dynaudio M3XE Mains (x2)
KRK VT-4 Series 2 (x2)
Yamaha NS10M Monitors (x4)
Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube (x2)
Behringer P16 Headphone Mixer (x6)
Shure SRH840 Headphones (x8)

Microphone Preamps & EQs:

Classic API FD312 (x24)
Classic API VP28 (x8)
Neve 1084 Pre/EQ (x4)
API 550a EQ  (x16)
Tonelux EQP5 EQ  (x8)
Pultec EQP-1S3 (x2)
Pultec EQP-1 (x2)
Urei 530 Stereo EQ

Outboard Effects/Processing:

Drawmer DS201 XLR Noise Gate
Moog Ladder Filter (x2)
Purple Audio Moiyn (x2)
Standard Audio Level-OR Limiter (x2)
Yamaha E1010 BBD Delay
Ibanez AD202 BBD Delay

Outboard Compressors:

API 2500 Stereo
Buzz Audio SOC 1.1 Stereo
Chandler Limited EMI TG12413
Elysia Mpressor Stereo
Empirical Labs DerrEsser (x8)
Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor (x4)
Federal AM-864/U
Focusrite Red 3 Stereo
Heritage 2264JR (x2)
Inward Connections Vac Rac Stereo (x3)
Neve 2254/E Vintage (x2)
Neve 32264a Vintage (x4)
Neve 2264ALB
POM Boiler MK2 Ultra Stereo
Retro 176 Limiting Amplifier (x2)
Retro Sta-Level Tube
Teletronix LA2A Leveling Amplifier
Tube-Tech CL 1B
Tube-Tech SMC 2B Multiband Stereo
UA 1176 Rev. AB Clone (2)
Urei 1176LN Rev. D (x2)
Urei 1176LN Rev. F (x2)
Urei 1178 Stereo (x2)
Urei LA-3A (x8)

DI & Speaker Load Boxes:

Countryman DI (x2)
Little Labs PCP
Eclair Engineering Evil Twin Tube DI
Radial ProAV2 2-CH AV DI
Rupert Neve Designs RNDI (x2)
Suhr Reactive Load (x2)

Tube Microphones:

AKG C24 (Stereo)
AKG C12A (x2)
Neumann U47
Neumann U67 (x3)
Neumann SM69 (Stereo)
Neumann KM56
Telefunken ELA M 251
Sony C-37A
Sony C-800G
Wunder CM12 (x2)
Wunder CM49 (x2)

Condenser Microphones:

AKG 414 ULS (x2)
AKG 451EB (x4)
Neumann KM84i (x2)
Neumann U47 FET
Shure Beta 181/c (x4)
Shure KSM137 (x2)
Shure KSM27

Ribbon Microphones:

AEA R88mk2 Stereo
BeyerDynamic M160 (x2)
Coles 4038 (x2)
Royer R121

Dynamic Microphones:

EV ND46 (x4)
EV RE-20
Placid Audio Copperphone
Shure SM7B (x4)
Shure SM57 (x2)
Shure SM57 (TAB XFRM) (x2)
Shure Beta 58A (x2)
Shure 520DX Green Bullet

Guitars, Amps, & Keys

Acoustic Guitars:

Gibson J45 Legend
Gibson J200 Montana Gold
Martin HD28V

Electric Guitars:

Danelectro ’56 Baritone
Epiphone Lee Malia RD Custom
Fender Stratocaster CS Relic ’60s
Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniv ’94
Fender Telecaster ’61
Fender Telecaster Deluxe ’73
Gibson Explorer 78RI ’91
Gibson Les Paul Junior ’59
Gibson Les Paul ’78
Gibson Les Paul Deluxe ’78
Gibson Les Paul 40th Anniv ’91
Gibson Les Paul 60RI ’07
Gretsch Duo Jet G6128T ’06
Guild Starfire IV ’68
PRS Custom 24
Rickenbacker Model 360
Silvertone Jupiter ’60’s

Electric Bass:

Fender Jazz Bass ’65
Fender Precision Bass ’73
Fender American Orig Precision Bass ’60s
Hofner Violin Bass
Music Man StingRay 5 Neck Through
Spector NS4 ’90


Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88
Moog Voyager RME
Yamaha S90ES


Audio Kitchen The Big Trees
Ampeg V-4B ’76
Diezel VH-4
Divided By 13 FTR37
Divided By 13 RSA 23
Divided By 13 RSA 31
Fender Bassman (Blonde) ’63
Fender Princeton ’64
Fender Deluxe Reverb ’65
Fender Vibrolux Reverb ’64
Fender Super Reverb ’65
Hiwatt DR103 ’73
Krank Revolution 1
Marshall “Plexi” JTM45 ’64
Marshall “Plexi” JMP 100W ’67
Marshall JMP50W ’72
Marshall JMP 100W ’76
Marshall JMP MKII 2203 ’79
Marshall JCM 100/50W 2555 ’89
Marshall JVM410H
Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier
Mesa Boogie Triaxis
Mojave Peacemaker
Vox AC30 ’63



Sugar Percussion Eric Valentine
Kick: 26×11
Toms: 13×7, 17×13

Ludwig Super Classic ’65
Kick: 22×14
Toms: 13×9, 16×16

Gretsch USA Custom (Jasper) ’80’s
Kick: 22×18
Toms: 8×7, 10×8, 12×10, 14×12, 16×14


DW Collectors Bell Brass  14 x 4
DW Collectors Black Nickel Over Steel 14 x 6.5
Gretsch Solid Aluminum 13 x 6
Joyful Noise Luminary Aluminum 14 x 6.5
Ludwig Acrolite 14 x 5 ’67
Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 5
Ludwig Black Beauty 14 x 6.5
Ludwig Classic Maple 14 x 5
Ludwig Suprophonic 14 x 6.5 ’70s
Ludwig Suprophonic 14 x 5 ’60s
Noble & Cooley SS Classic 14 x 13 7/8
Pork Pie Solid Birch Snare 14 x 6.5
SJC Birch Snare 14 x 7
Sugar Percussion Alaskan Yellow Cedar 14 x 6
Sugar Percussion Painted Poplar 14 x 5


Paiste Formula 602 ME 10″
Paiste Formula 602 ME 16″
Paiste Formula 602 ME 18″
Paiste Formula 602 ME 20″


Paiste 602 Pre-Serial  14″
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 15″
Paiste 2002 Black Big Beat 15″
Paiste Signature Sound Edge 14″
Zildjian K Custom Dark 13″
Zildjian K Custom Dark 14″
Zildjian K Custom Session 14″
Zildjian A New Beat 14″ ’60s
Zildjian A New Beat 15″


Paiste 602 Pre-Serial 20″ ’60s
Paiste 602 Modern Essentials 22″
Paiste Giant Beat Ride 24″
Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 20″
Zildjian K Crash Ride 21″
Zildjian K Custom Dark Ride 22″
Sabian AA-Bash Ride 24″

Instrument Effect Pedals


Analog Man Bi-CompROSSor
Earthquaker Warden V2
Keeley Engineering Compressor Pro

Preamp + EQ:

Badgerplex Trilogy
Boss GE-7
Mesa Engineering 5 Band Graphic
Sadowsky Bass Preamp/ DI
Suhr Buffer (x2)
Xotic Super Clean


Boss DS-1
Boss SD-1
Boss ODB-3 JHS Mod
Catalin Bread SFT
Human Gear Animato
Ibanez TS9 Analogman Mod
Rockett Pedals Chicken Soup
Lovepedal Eternity Fuse
Marshall Shred Master
Maxon OverDrive Pro OD-820
MXR Bass Distortion
Stone Deaf PDF2
Thunder Tomate OD 250
Thunder Tomate Taxi Driver
T-Rex Alberta


Boss FZ2 Hyper Fuzz
Black Arts Pharaoh
Black Arts Black Sheep
Devi Ever FX Ruiner
Divided By 13 Dyna-Ranger
Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper
Earthquaker Devices Cloven Hoof V2
Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Bass Big Muff
Foxrox Octron 2
Fulltone ‘69
Fulltone Octafuzz
Ibanez Mica Fuzz Machine
Malekko Diabolik JMJ
Skinpimp Skin Bender MK1
Skinpimp Skin Bender MK2
Skinpimp Skin Bender MK3
Shin-Ei Companion Fuzz
Solidgold FX IF 6 WAS 9 BC108CS
Solidgold FX IF 6 WAS 9 BC183
Stomp Under Foot Pumpkin PI
Synthmonger Fuzzmonger
ZVex Effects Woolly Mammoth
ZVex Fuzz Factory


A/DA Flanger
Analogman Chorus
Boss BF-2 Flanger
Boss BF-2B Flanger
Boss CE-1
Boss CE-2
Boss DC-2W
Boss VB-2
EarthQuaker Devices Tentacle V2
Endangered Audio Spectravibe
Electro-Harmonix Bassballs
Electro-Harmonix Small Stone
Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress
Ibanez CS-9 Stereo Chorus
Keeley Neutrino
MXR Phase 90
Pigtronix Quantum


Endangered Audio AD4096 MKII
Ibanez AD202
Ibanez AD80
Yamaha E1010

Pitch/Special FX:

Boss OC-2
Boss Slicer SL-20
Digitech Mosaic
Digitech Whammy
Dunlop Crybaby Rack Wah
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
Electro-Harmonix MicroSynth
Electro-Harmonix POG2
Malekko Scrutator
Moog EP3
Moog MF-Ring
Roger Linn Design Adrenalinn 3
Zvex Vexter Probe Wah

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